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How A Cow Dung Processing Machine Can Help You Produce Organic Fertilizer?

Animal farms require a lot of work. If you only have two or three animals, you won’t have too many problems. However, farms with large livestock need to put up with huge issues. Getting rid of cow dung is perhaps the most cumbersome of these activities that keep your farm up and running. Besides, disposing of such waste isn’t cheap.

Everybody knows that cow dung makes an awesome fertilizer for a wide array of crops. Plants love the nutrients in this manure, and therefore grow stronger and healthier. However, you won’t be able to use cow dung as such, because of multiple reasons.

The good news is that you can invest in a reliable cow dung processing machine to produce organic fertilizer. This would get you rid of the foul smell of cow dung, which prevents farmers from using it as it comes. These machines dewater and dry the manure, turning it into high-quality, organic fertilizer granules. They rely on a mud pump to push the raw material into the machine. Next, another special module squeezes the manure and separates it through a screw shaft, thus separating it from the liquid. The resulting liquid flows out through a screen.

If you also cultivate land on your farm, you’ll be able to make your own fertilizer and save a lot of money in the process. If all you do is raise cattle, you’ll be able to sell your cattle manure organic fertilizer to farmers near you, for a nice profit. Either way, an animal manure processing machine will help you take your farm to the next level or keep your monthly expenses under control. These machines come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. If you require a smaller processing capacity, you can go for a smaller machine, in order to save space and money.

This type of equipment uses cow dung as raw matter. It removes the water, dries the resulting matter, and then turns it into pellets or granules of different sizes. The basic working principle of such machines is the liquid-solid separation. Since they don’t use any added chemicals in the production process, the resulting fertilizer is 100% organic and natural. This is a very strong selling point, so you can expect to find lots of organic farming businesses willing to buy your product.

Before buying your machine, you have to assess your actual production needs. Put together a business plan and try to find at least three potential clients for your fertilizer. If you want to use the fertilizer on your own crops, determine the required volume. The main point is to find out what would be the ideal capacity of your fertilizer machine for cow litter. Always make sure you some room for growth, should you decide to expand your fertilizer business at some point in time. However, avoid buying equipment you may never use to the full, as that would be nothing buy a waste of money and space.

Last but not least, consider buying your machine from India or China, in order to keep your initial investment low.

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