How to Compost Manure

How Do Granular Composting Machines Work?

How Do Granular Composting Machines Work?

To produce granular fertilizer, you will need specially designed equipment for the granulation process. This process involves converting particulate material into granules. The rate and size that the granules are produced depend on many factors. This often includes the roller speed, feed rate, roller design, and the shape and size of the screws used in the construction of this equipment. Here is an overview of how to produce granular compost using dry granulation and wet granulation machinery.

Bat manure fertilizer dedicated granulator

– What Are The Uses Of Granular Fertilizer?

When applying fertilizer to different crops, the process of distribution must be considered. For example, when using liquid fertilizer, the product is easy to spray onto the crops. But liquid fertilizers are not as long-lasting as the solid pellets that decompose and slowly break down over time. The liquid fertilizers also evaporate and a lot of the product is lost due to elements such as rain and wind. At the same time, the decomposing pellets absorb into the roots of the plants. This is far more beneficial when it comes to plants.

What Is Dry Granulation Machinery?

This equipment can take different types of dust or spray-dried powders and combine these into bigger granules. The main aim of granulation involves creating a homogenous mixture, which in turn, will create tablets or pellets. These processes are only performed by the equipment designed for these purposes.

– How To Find A Company That Produces Them

Companies that produce this type of equipment can be located worldwide. There is a demand for various types of pellets and powder. The powdery material placed into this equipment will produce what is known as an agglomeration process. With the use of force, and in some cases binding agents, the small particles start coming together. These products are commonly used in the fertilizer-processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, and in certain types of factories.

Double Roller Making Granules Machine
Double roller extrusion granulator for compound fertilizer plants.

– How Does A Granular Composting Machine Work?

This equipment works by compressing a fine powder. The powder of dust is compressed inside a chamber.

– What Is A Wet Granulator Machine

Wet granulators are used for granulating materials that have a moisture content of between 40% to 50%. The granulator aggregates the particles together into a specific shape. The wet granulator equipment includes the rotary drum granulator, the disc granulator, rotary drum churning granulator, and the latest organic fertilizer granulator.

– What Is A Fully Automatic Composting Machine

The fully-automatic composting machines convert different types of organic waste into fertilizers. After composting, the volume decreases and the odors from the waste start to disappear. Due to the apparatus and special design, this type of equipment can complete composting within 7 to 10 days. This machinery can also complete deodorization and sterilization in 10 hours. In addition to the efficient composting period and the multiple volumes, it is easy to operate and saves space.

The Granular Composting Machines are a fantastic investment since they offer a quick and easy way to turn raw organic waste such as manure into a profitable product.