How to Compost Manure

How To Compost Rabbit Manure

How To Compost Rabbit Manure

How to compost rabbit manure is a simple process because there in no need to shred the manure for rabbit manure are small pellets. Using rabbit manure is by far a great use in the garden. If you have some pet rabbits are a small herd I would make use of this fine fertilizer.

How To Compost Rabbit Manure – Using Shredded Leaves

If you have a lot of leaves and a small herd of rabbits are you can get rabbit manure for free or a small price then you are in business. To make a batch of compost using leaves and manure you will need at least 1 yard, but 2 yards of shredded leaves would work better. I would use a mix of 50 % rabbit manure and 50 % shredded leaves.

How To Compost Rabbit Manure
How To Compost Rabbit Manure

I would use some kind of bin structure to compost the manure and leaves in for it will contain the compost better and give your garden setting a nicer look. I do recommend a 2 department bin that way you can have one full of compost and one empty, this way you can turn the compost from one side to the other side. If you have a lot of rabbit manure and leaves on hand I would build a 3 department compost bin that way you can have two batches of compost working at a time.

How To Compost Rabbit Manure – Compost Bin Size

To make a composting bin for one yard of compost it needs be 3 feet wide by 3 feet deep and 3 feet tall no smaller, if the bin is smaller than this it will not heat up right. A composting bin that is 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep and 3 to 4 feet tall will heat up real nice for you. You can build the compost bin from ½ inch wire are use whatever you have on hand, if you do not wish to have a bin you can build the compost pile right on the ground.

Where to put the compost bin is really up to you but the best place is close to the garden this way you do not have to carry the finish compost very far. If you place the compost right on the ground it is best not to do this close to any trees, because the tree roots will work there way into the compost if is left there for more the 3 to 6 months.

How To Compost Rabbit Manure – Making The Compost

Once you have the compost bin made and your location pick out it is time to build the compost. Have all your leaves shredded and wet down real well before you start making the pile of compost. Once you have all the material ready it is time to make the compost, I would mix small amounts of leaves and rabbit manure first. Use can use a large wheelbarrow to mix the leaves and manure together start with 2 – 5 gallon buckets of leaves and then 2- 5 gallon buckets of rabbit manure. Mix it all well in the wheelbarrow then place this in the compost bin, do this until the bin is full.

How to compost rabbit manure – Conclusion

Once you have the compost bin setup and full of compost wait about 3 days the temperature should reach around 120 up to 140 degrees in the middle. On the third day it is time to mix and turn the pile into the other empty bin water the compost as you transfer the material over, do not over water are flood the compost. Do this mixing and turning for about 2 weeks and the compost pile will be done heating up, then let it set for about 2 months before using it.

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