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How to configure a 3t/h roll extrusion granulation line?

As industries evolve, the demand for efficient and reliable production lines becomes increasingly crucial. Today, we delve into the intricacies of configuring a 3t/h double roller extrusion granulation process, showcasing the key components and processes involved in achieving optimal granulation results.

Double Roller Granular NPK Fertilizer Production Line
Double Roller Granular NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Loader Type Feeder: Enhancing Material Handling Efficiency

To kickstart the granulation process, a loader type feeder efficiently transfers raw materials to this press pelletizing production line. This automated system ensures continuous and uniform feeding, minimizing downtime and maximizing production efficiency.

Crain Crusher: Preparing Raw Materials for Granulation

Next in line is the crain crusher, tasked with breaking down raw materials into smaller, uniform particles. From compost and gypsum to livestock manure and bio-sludge, the crain crusher ensures consistent material size, facilitating smoother granulation and superior pellet quality.

Horizontal Mixer: Homogenizing Material Composition

Once crushed, the raw materials are blended in a horizontal mixer to achieve a uniform composition. This crucial step ensures an even distribution of nutrients and additives, optimizing the quality and effectiveness of the final fertilizer pellets.

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Double Roller Extrusion Granulator: Precision Granulation at its Finest

At the heart of the production line lies the double roller extrusion granulator, also known as the press granulator. This innovative equipment compactly and efficiently transforms the blended materials into high-quality fertilizer pellets. With its fixed ball and socket size, the granulator ensures uniform pellet size and shape, enhancing nutrient distribution and absorption in crops.

2T-H Roller Compact Granulator for NPK Pellets
2T-H Roller Compact Granulator for NPK Pellets

Rotary Screening Machine: Ensuring Pellet Uniformity

Following granulation, the rotary screening machine sifts and separates the fertilizer pellets based on size. This critical step eliminates oversized or undersized pellets, ensuring uniformity in the final product and maximizing marketability.

Automatic Packaging Scale: Streamlining Packaging Operations

To conclude the dry powder press granulation process, an automatic packaging scale precisely measures and packs the fertilizer pellets into bags or containers. This automated system enhances efficiency and accuracy, reducing labor costs and minimizing packaging errors.

Fertilizer Granular Packing Scale
Fertilizer Granular Packing Scale

Belt Conveyors: Seamless Material Transport

Throughout the production line, belt conveyors play a vital role in seamlessly transporting materials between each component. Their durable construction and efficient operation ensure smooth material flow, optimizing overall production efficiency.


In conclusion, configuring a 3t/h roll extrusion granulation line requires careful consideration of each component’s role and functionality. From loader type feeders to double roller extrusion granulators, each equipment plays a crucial part in achieving optimal granulation results. By prioritizing efficiency, precision, and reliability, Yushunxin’s production line ensures superior quality fertilizer pellets, meeting the demands of modern industries and fostering sustainable agricultural practices. You can visit: