How to Compost Manure

How To Make Organic Fertilizer From Poultry Manure

Converting poultry waste into fertilizer is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to manage waste while creating a valuable resource for agriculture. The process of turning poultry waste into fertilizer involves composting or other specialized techniques. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to convert poultry waste into fertilizer:

Collection and Segregation

Collect the poultry waste from the poultry houses, including manure, feathers, bedding material, and any other organic waste. Separate it from non-organic materials like plastic or metal.


Before composting, it’s helpful to mix the poultry waste with carbon-rich materials such as straw, sawdust, or dried leaves. This helps balance the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio in the compost pile and provides aeration.

Make compost piles

Create compost piles or windrows by layering the pre-composted mixture. The composting process involves the breakdown of organic materials by microorganisms. These microorganisms generate heat, which is crucial for killing pathogens and weed seeds present in the poultry waste. This is a necessary step to prepare organic fertilizer from poultry.

Turning and Aeration

Regularly turn the compost pile or windrows to provide oxygen to the microorganisms. Aeration helps speed up the decomposition process of poultry and ensures uniform composting. Here, if you want to finish poultry manure composting quickly and effectively, using profession poultry waste compost machine is important.


After the initial composting phase, allow the compost to cure for several weeks. During this period, the compost stabilizes, and its texture and nutrient content improve.

Screening and Grading

Once the compost is fully matured and stabilized, it is screened to remove any remaining large particles and to create a more consistent particle size. Grading helps ensure the fertilizer meets quality standards. But is you want to make it into fertilizer with higher values, you need many other poultry manure fertilizer making machines. Click here to learn more.

Packaging and Storage

Package the poultry waste fertilizer into bags, sacks, or bulk containers for distribution and sale. Store the fertilizer in a cool and dry place to maintain its quality and effectiveness.

Quality Testing

Optionally, you can conduct quality tests on the finished fertilizer to check its nutrient content. This information can be valuable for potential customers who want to know the fertilizer’s nutrient composition.

Poultry manure compost granulation line
Poultry manure compost granulation line

It’s important to note that the composting process described above is just one way to convert poultry waste into fertilizer. Depending on the scale of production and available resources, you also can dispose of  poultry manure by specialized industrial processes, that can also be used to convert poultry waste into valuable fertilizers. You can prepare powdery poultry manure fertilizer or make poultry waste fertilizer granules.

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