How to Compost Manure

Make Compost At Large Scale

If you do produce a substantial amount of compost on a regular basis, you are likely using some type of system. These systems typically involve some type of machine that can produce the compost for you. It is unlikely that you simply have piles of manure that are producing hundreds of tons of compost. Large-scale operations will likely involve the purchase of enormous machines, ones that use hydraulic power, engines, and conveyor belt systems. If you would like to produce a sizable amount of compost this year, on a very large scale, here is how you can choose the best machinery for this purpose.

Different Types Of Compost Machines

As you assess the different types of composting processes, this will help you determine which machine will be best suited for what you would like to accomplish. There are three different types of composting processes. This will include anaerobic, aerobic, and those that involve verbal composting. These can be done on both large and small scales. For example, there are many households or schools that may use all of these processes when converting basic waste products into compost. However, for a larger scale operation, you are quite limited in regard to what you can use.

Wheel Type Compost Turner for Large Scale Industrial Composting
Wheel Type Compost Turner for Large Scale Industrial Composting

Composting On A Large Scale

You have three choices when composting material on a larger scale. The first involves using containers. You will place what could be hundreds of tons of material inside of them and allow the machinery to do the work. The second option is to simply have large piles of manure and other forms of composting material that you manage, turning them over time. Finally, windrows are your third option is these are usually best suited for those with maximum amounts of composting material (N’P’K riched in content).

Fermenter for Large Scale Composting
Fermenter for Large Scale Composting

Composting Machines That You May Need

Your first option is using a composting bin. There are several different types. The smallest units are those that you can crank with a handle. The next type will include low-speed granulators which are fully motorized. These can be found on large farming operations and are likely used in combination with several others. These are able to compost many different types of materials which may include shredded newspaper, ash, sawdust, woodchips, and the manure that you are composting. If this is mechanized, it will do all of the turnings for you, allowing you to simply put in the material so that the work can be done.

As you receive different estimates for machines, consider their size, production value, and the prices that they are charging. Also, inquire about when they can be shipped. Some of them are large enough to come in separate shipments that will require some form of construction. Others are small enough to be housed in an enclosed area.

Keep in mind the amount of manure that your facility is producing more that you will have access to throughout the year. These factors will allow you to choose the best large-scale composting machines sx that can help you produce the exact amount of compost that you want.

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