How to Compost Manure

What Machines Are Widely Used To Produce Bio-Fertilizer

The existing situation regarding agricultural waste and fertilizer use has converted into a well known topic for agricultural research to get environmentally friendly and efficient fertilizer substitutes. This reports have also included exploring methods to successfully make use of agricultural waste.

Having its innovative and different benefits, fertilizer production-line equipment and bio-organic fertilizer have was able to set a bridge up between crop growth and agricultural waste.
Plant Design for Bio fertilizer production

Which Kind Of Devices Are Utilized For Bio-Fertilizer Granulation?

Bio-fertilizer includes a combination of organic matter and functional organisms, mainly made up of plant and animal residues (including raw materials like straw, livestock manure, etc.) and “organic” matter produced after eco-friendly treatment as well as decomposition.

Biofertilizer plants are turning into promising investment projects, backed by mature technology, and great market prospects. To be wondering what kind of bio-fertilizer preparation and equipment is necessary to construct or set up your own personal Bio-Organic Fertilizer Plant.

Raw Materials Needed For Biofertilizer Production

Raw materials utilized to produce biofertilizers are usually composed of inorganic and organic substances, bio-bacterial agents, and different types of trace elements. Organic matter, including peat, pond mud, and animal manure ought to be sourced from a closeby location. The site of any biofertilizer production plant ideally needs to be situated close to where raw materials are sourced from.

Bio-Fertilizer Production Process

Raw materials employed in the development process should be sourced from high-quality fermentation agents, peat, animal manure, etc, which are further manufactured by an operation of fermentation. The lesser bio-fertilizer plants can be helped by adopting a simple and basic production process which assists to lessen production and investment costs.


Depending on the characteristics of the Bio-fertilizer you wish to produce, your production processes should come equipped with specific equipment and machinery to actually process organic fertilizer.

The standard Organic Fertilizer Production Lines include crushers, mixers, granulators, turning machines, conveyors, drum screeners, and packaging machines.

– Crusher

The crusher is utilized to crush the raw materials before the process of fermentation. This procedure makes it much simpler to mix the bacteria and materials to obtain full fermentation.

– Mixer

The mixer is utilized to fully combine bacteria as well as the different materials used.

– Compost Turning Machine

This is the main and the majority of important equipment for industrial production concerning organic fertilizers. This equipment turns the fermented materials to promote and be sure the complete fermentation in the mixed materials.

– Organic Fertilizer Granulator

This equipment is utilized to granulate organic fertilizer so that it matches up to certain requirements of numerous crops and procedures.

– Rotary Drum Screener

This gear is accustomed to screen impurities, which improves the overall purity from the organic fertilizer. The rotary drum screener also screens out and separates the best option particles of biofertilizer.

– Conveyor

The conveyor is utilized to convey the type of material out from and in a warehouse as well as to transfer the organic fertilizer and also convey different materials across the collection of production.

Manufacturers of larger-volume organic fertilizer plants also require batching equipment and packaging equipment.

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