How to Compost Manure

What You Should Know About Manure Pellet Machines?

If you have a large farm or ranch with chickens or cows, a substantial amount of manure will always be produced. At certain times of the year, the amount can be massive, prompting the need for converting the manure into organic fertilizer pellets. Although creating multiple compost piles will suffice, there are better ways to expedite this process. There are also ways of converting the fertilizer, once it is ready, into pellets that can be used as fertilizer in the future. If you would like to obtain a manure pellet machine, here is what you need to know.

What Do Manure Pellet Machines Do?

These are the primary component in the conversion of manure into fertilizer. Once the granulation process has occurred, spherical pellets will be the byproduct. These can easily be placed in bags and stored for an extended period of time. This makes them easy to transport, sell, and subsequently use. However, you need to use a specific type of granulator that can create pellets for you at an expedited pace. There are two different types of very efficient manure pelleting machines that you should consider using.

Disc Granulators

These are very compact machines that will include several different components. They will include a scraper device, pedestal, motor, reducer, and granulation disc which will do most of the work. Inside of the machines will be specifically designed components such as radiation steel plates. The combination of the motor and reducer working together will require a flexible belt drive to turn the entire apparatus. The working principle is fairly straightforward. The manure will be placed into the granulator. The disc will begin to rotate. The scraper will remove materials caught at the bottom of the rotating disk in combination with a small amount of water. As it rotates, the pellets will be formed.

Rotary Drum Granulators

The rotary type of fertilizer machine for pelleting manure is also extremely popular. It utilizes a specifically designed rotary drum that can easily produce tons of material. The components will include the gears, rolling belt, driving part, bracket, and the machine body itself. This is where the granulation will occur as the conveyor belt delivers the manure. It is the rotation of this drum that will lead to the formation of the fertilizer pellets. In order to speed up the process, the angle of the drum can be adjusted manually. Once it is working, you will have a system that can produce tons of fertilizer pellets year after year.

The conversion of raw manure into the fertilizer can occur in many different ways. It is simply easier to use rotary drum granulators or disc granulators that can speed up this process. Although the process of composting is still a viable alternative, you may want to upgrade your system dramatically. It is through using these machines that are specifically calibrated for producing fertilizer pellets that you will not let any of your manure go to waste. To discover more about manure pellet machines on the market, start looking for industrial websites that are currently offering them for sale.